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Topics To Help You Grow



High-level perspective on how you can reach your B2B sales goals.



Who is doing sales in your startup – the CEO or an (external) sales team?



Which role does sales play in your financial plan?



What do you really need, to get (first) B2B clients?



How can you keep your pipeline filled with qualified leads?



Is it necessary to build a personal relationship with your leads and clients?



How can you win the deal?



How can you improve your offer and up-sell with your existing clients?

About Me

I’m Andreas.
I Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Dreams.

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I am a trainer for high-level B2B sales strategies as well as applied sales tactics with real business results.

I help you to attract and earn the trust of your ideal prospects with one single goal: Turning your prospects into your long-term customers.

You are fortunate to take advantage of the latest conversion results I learned through my work with global clients reaching from the US over France and Germany to Indonesia, Hong Kong and Australia.

Basically, you can receive the best strategies and hands-on tactics combined across continents.

To serve you even better in the future it is essential for me to invest into top-level education myself.

These combined advantages allow you to plug-in even more highly converting B2B sales strategies and tactics into your business.

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What Clients And Attendees Are Saying

“It was an incredible experience that we had and I think you are an incredible speaker and also gave us the possibility to learn a lot about storytelling and the importance which I hadn't had before so for me it was a very good experience."

Maria Ines Mendes

“I participated in Andrea's training 'Grow your Sales with Strategic Testimonials'. Andreas, high-energy, interactive and practical approach made this two hour session absolutely worthwhile. I was able to implement my take-outs of the session the day after and will continue to do so."

Naomi Sedney

"Usually I am a bit skeptical about short evening events, such as the one from Andreas. This is because I never know, if the time is sufficient to learn something really helpful and practical. But thanks to good time management and and preparation by Andreas, it was easy to follow and work through topics."

Maren Lange

"I have been at several workshops of Andreas. One thing I like about his workshop is that he it fun and engaging. He'd give us examples and short video clips in order to complement the ideas he was telling while keeping the workshop on a conversational level so everyone in the room gets to talk."

April Wong