Sales Tactics

Create Content @The Hive Sheung Wan

Seminar of two hours on how to attract your ideal prospects with tons of targeted content – happened in Hong Kong in 2019.

Goal of this training: Clients learn why content can be helpful to attract prospects. Clients learn and practice how to come up with plenty of content ideas, how to create content in a time-saving process and how to structure and utilize content along a sales pipeline. This workshop was jointly organized by The Hive Sheung Wan and Andreas Ott in Hong Kong.


"Andreas' workshop was full of energy and I like the way it was organized - half group work and half presentation made it very interactive and fun. Practical tips were shared at the workshop too which I found absolutely useful!"

Bee Lee- Pet Shop Owner, eCommerce

"I attended Andreas' content workshop and found it helpful for me to come up with content about the business I want to start. I enjoyed the exercise in the session and ended up coming home with a different mindset about content."

Lisy Huang - Product Manager, Store Owner, eCommerce

"Most workshops are very single-sided. However I attended Andreas' content creation class and enjoyed the practical insights. I liked the various activities and conversations between Andreas, and the rest of the participants. It was fun that participation was key and really helped in my understanding of the tools he was providing to us. I would definitely recommend his workshops!"

Rahul Kalra - Bodywork Therapist at Holistic Bodywork Therapy, healthcare

Stef Lau

Business Coach, Consulting

Get Clients as a Coach Without Technical Fuss @Transcend

Mini workshop of two hours about how to get clients as a coach after receiving the accredited coaching certification of the Transcend International Group.

Goal of this training: Clients learn what really counts in order to get the first paying coaching clients. Clients practice to prioritize sales activities and convey their offer in a succinct and persuading way. This workshop was jointly organized by Transcend International Group and Andreas Ott in Hong Kong.


"Coaches are equipped to be great at coaching but most of us lack the skills - and courage! - to go out there and get coaching clients. His workshop “How to get coaching clients with no technical fuss” spoke to all of us as coaches and I received very positive feedback about how others found the workshop helpful accessible, and motivating. Looking forward to bringing Andreas back to Transcend International to support our coach trainees and also help him expand this support to the coaching community in Hong Kong. Highly recommended!"

Mohammed Sam Penafuerte Shoushi - International Wellness Entrepreneur | Ex-Google and United Nations, healthcare

"Over the last year, I have attended several workshops on marketing, yet, I decided to join this specific workshop for trainers. Andreas definitely knows his stuff, has patience, humor, and dedication to help trainers reach their goals. So, without hesitation, join the next one."

Christian Masset - Public Speaking - Presentation Coach, Consulting

"Participated in the Seminar “Get clients as a coach” led by Andreas. Can tell that those 2h were wisely spent! Andreas is very professional with a lot of knowledge and experience to share. Very charismatic as well!"

Jessica Sandoval - Manager - Global Asset Management and Private Banking Audit - Global Internal Audit at HSBC

"The workshop clearly pointed to areas that I would like to work on, mindset, looking at the bigger picture and starting with the end in mind. Using social media to leverage customers to create top of mind recall was another much-required area for me to develop. Your knowledge of technical information coupled with practical ideas really made the workshop worthwhile."

Client of the sales training for coaches at Transcend International Group

"First I want to thank your great session yesterday, I learned a lot and already using some of the techniques you taught (e.g. No distraction, this morning instead of checking the messages from other people right away, I meditated for half an hour)."

Client of the sales training for coaches at Transcend International Group

Erfolgreiche Verkaufsstrategien @Heidelberg Startup Partners

Fireside chat about the latest sales tactics – conducted in Heidelberg, Germany in 2019.

Goal of this event: Attendees watch and discuss examples of how to attract leads with online or offline events through content and multiplying partners, even if one has not many personal connections yet. This event was jointly organized by Heidelberg Startup Partners and Andreas Ott and supported by Techniker Krankenkasse in Heidelberg, Germany.


"Im Oktober habe ich selbst meinen ersten Vortrag vor Publikum zum Thema Cybersicherheit für den Einzelhandel. Da ich seit der Uni nicht mehr referiert habe, war es für mich am interessantesten zu sehen, wie du mit dem Publikum interagierst, deine Standpunkte darlegst usw. Da konnte ich wirklich sehr viel mitnehmen, wie eben durch Worte wie "Zum Beispiel" oder "Stellen Sie sich vor" man das Publikum aufhorchen lassen kann."

Alexander Hein - Content Creator/PR Manager, Self-Employed

"Ich konnte definitiv einiges mitnehmen, vor allem Tricks wie "Stell dir vor..." und "zum Beispiel...", und auch der Grundgedanke mit der Nutzung von Reichweite Anderer in Kombination mit Events. Man merkt dir vor allem an, dass du schon wahnsinnig viel Erfahrung hast, das strahlst du auch aus. Danke nochmal und hoffentlich bis bald."

Attendee of the fireside chat about the latest sales tactics

Michael Wohlfart

General Manager at Kanzleibooster GmbH, Tax Industry

Storytelling in E-commerce @R-One + Zegal

Fireside chat about storytelling in e-commerce in Hong Kong, conducted in 2019.

Goal of this event: Attendees understand why storytelling is a powerful way to attract and persuade customers. Attendees watch examples and discuss the good and bad in group discussions to get inspiration for their own businesses. This event was jointly organized by R-One, Zegal and Andreas Ott in Hong Kong.


"Loved your set last night brother! You really enjoy what you do, that gets me fired up. As for me, founder story - I completely forgot about that. Will make it."

Attendee of the 2 hours fireside chat about storytelling in e-commerce in Hong Kong

"I actually try to talk about my mission and story every time I have a client pitch but never have I thought about convey it strongly as a message on my website. Thank you for your input on that yesterday."

Attendee of the 2 hours fireside chat about storytelling in e-commerce in Hong Kong